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5 x STYLFILE Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips

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Invented with love by The BBC's The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, the STYLFILE Gel Polish remover clips make Gel nail polish removal quick and easy in just 15 minutes.


Watch the STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover Clips in action

How it works

The STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover Clips are a quick and easy way to remove Gel and Shellac nail varnish. Each clip will hold an acetone soaked cotton wool pad securely and comfortably onto each nail with enough pressure to speed up the removal process.

Benefits and features

⭐Full gel and shellac polish removal at-home
⭐15 minute removal
⭐Reusable and sustainable design
⭐Clip design enables you to continue to use your hands


✔️5 x STYLFILE Gel Removal Clips

How to use

Gently file away the top layer of Gel polish with a nail file.
Soak a cotton wool pad in pure acetone, place the soaked cotton pad onto the fingernail.
Open the STYLFILE Gel remover clip and place it over your finger and cotton wool pad, make sure the clip fits snug to you finger.
Leave the clip in place for 15 mins. After 15 minutes remove the clip and the cotton wall pad from your fingernail, if required use an orange stick to gently scrape away stubborn gel left on the nail.

Additional Information

Great for gel polish, artificial nail polish and nail art removal. Take away the need for tin foil and soak off Gel nail polish at home with these easy soak off Gel nail polish clips.

Scroll below for FAQs.

Beauty accessories invented with love

FAQs: Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips

Yes, they STYLFILE Remover Clips are designed to be used time and time again. They are quick and use to use and will save you many trips to the salon.

5 clips are included, as you need the other hand free to help with the polish removal of the other!

We recommend using our STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover to soak cotton wool with and secure over the nail with the clips. The STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover is 99% acetone, delivering a full lift of old polish without damaging the natural nail.