FAQs: Toastie Tummy Period Soother

The STYLPRO Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother is charged using the USB cable provided, plug the USB cable in to the bottom of the Toastie Tummy and attach to any USB-friendly port. All the lights will flash when the device needs charging.

The Toastie Tummy may take up to 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Do not use the Toastie Tummy on bare skin. Only use with a layer of non-synthetic material clothing between device and skin.

The STYLPRO Toastie Tummy uses heat and vibration to sooth period cramps.

You can wear the Toastie Tummy on your stomach or back.

Tap the heat button lightly to switch between the 3 heat settings. Only increase heat level if comfortable. Tap the vibration lightly to switch between vibration settings. The Toastie Tummy has a smart memory function, this means that it will save your last used setting and when you switch the device back on it will remember your last used setting for both heat and vibration.

If you have tried to charge your Toastie Tummy and should you still be experiencing issues with your device please contact our team at teamtom@stylideas.com

You can download a copy of the instructions here