STYLPRO Heated Eye Massager

Have you tried every eye cream on the market and STILL can’t shift those bags?

The STYLPRO ‘Bags Be Gone’ Heated Eye Massager is here to help! With 3 easy set modes, it helps to firm and rejuvenate the delicate eye area, reducing fine lines, redness, and puffiness.


The only bags I want are designer!

Want to know more?

How it works

Working in partnership with a cream or serum, all three modes on the STYLPRO Bags Be Gone utilise thermo-therapy, which uses heat to reduce redness and heaviness of the skin around the eye. Depending on which mode you choose, add either red LED Light to encourage the regeneration of collagen to firm your skin, or the vibration massage feature to increase circulation and make eyes visibly less red and swollen.

Make those bags pack up and leave with visible improvements after only 3 weeks!


⭐Helps to lighten dark circles
⭐Works to reduce redness and tiredness
⭐Helps to firm and rejuvenate the skin around the eye
⭐Aids wrinkle reduction and prevention
⭐Soothes tired eyes
⭐Ultimate at-home eye treatment
⭐Utilises thermo-therapy to unblock glands, reducing redness, itchiness, and tiredness
⭐LED red light therapy promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, encouraging smoother skin under the eyes
⭐Massages eyes to increase circulation, promoting better lymphatic drainage to depuff above and below your eyes


⚡3 different modes
⚡Heats between 37°C - 45°C
⚡Rechargeable battery
⚡10,000 times per minute high-frequency vibration massage
⚡Hygienic metal head design
⚡Uses a combination of thermo-therapy, LED red light therapy and high-frequency vibrations

How do you use it?

🖤Take a pea-size amount of eye cream or serum and smooth evenly into the skin under your eyes. Do not use the device without any cream or serum.
🖤Hold down the power button to turn on the massager. Press the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to adjust the temperature as needed.
🖤Quickly pressing the power button changes the mode between Modes 1, 2 and 3. Choose your preferred mode.
🖤To use on your lower lid, place the tip of the massager in the corner of your eye beneath your lower eyelashes. Then, gently glide it towards the outer corner of your eye. This should take around 15 seconds from the inner corner to the outer corner, giving time for the massager to heat your skin.
🖤Repeat this motion once or twice more, but do not use on the same patch of skin for more than 60 seconds.
🖤For your upper lid, we advise only using Mode 3, which turns off the red LED light. Then, repeat steps 4 and 5 on your upper eye lid above your eyelashes.
🖤Repeat the same process on your other eye.

What do you get in the box?

✔️1 x Bags Be Gone Heated Eye Massager
✔️1 x Charging Cable
✔️1 x Instruction Leaflet

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