Hello! says that StylPro is all you need to clean your brushes

Hello! says that StylPro is all you need to clean your brushes

Hello! magazine (9 May issue) has a feature called 'A Clean SWEEP' which asks "When did you last give your make-up brushes a really good clean?

It is a job many of us neglect, but by doing so we could be putting the health of our skin at risk... grubby applicators provide the perfect living conditions for all manner of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, which can lead to conjunctivitis, spots, rashes, cold sores, skin breakouts and infections. Of course, we all know we should thoroughly clean our brushes once a week, but honestly, who does? Now consider where you keep your make-up brushes - on  a shelf over your basin or toilet, in your handbag or in a desk drawer? Not exactly hygienic, is it? That plus the combination of the microorganisms on your skin, the oils in your make-up and the warmth of a brush or sponge makes them a breeding ground for some pretty nasty bugs."

The feature goes on to explain how Tom Pellereau became aware of this issue and the need for a solution that would not only be effective but also extremely quick and easy, and how he went on to invent the StylPro. Hello! concludes that the StylPro is "all you need to clean your brushes".

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