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Who We Are

Who Are We?

We are all about innovation in the beauty world.

We are the home of the world's first makeup brush cleaner and dryer.

We are also the product of BBC The Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau.


What We Do

What We Do?

At STYLIDEAS, your daily beauty woes are our problem.

We have three product ranges, STYLPRO, STYLFILE, STYLSMILE, which cover beauty care, nail accessories and teeth whitening.

We are well known for our STYLPRO Original Brush Cleaner and Dryer, which uses centrifugal technology to remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria on brushes- drying them in just 30 seconds.

We design products that change your beauty regimes, for good.

STYLPRO - Beauty range


How Dirty Are Your Makeup Brushes?

34% of makeup brushes contain more bacteria than a toilet brush! Cleaning makeup brushes is messy, time consuming and leaves them wet and unusable for hours.

Cleans & Dries Brushes in Seconds

- Removes double wear foundation
- Works on all brush types
- Vegan, alcohol-free cleanser

Simple 30 Second Process

Works On All Brush Sizes

Deep Cleans

Clean to the core of your bristles

Brushes DRY in Seconds

STYLPRO Original Includes

8 x Flexible Silicone Collars

Collar stand

STYLPRO device

2 x AAA batteries

Tritan unbreakable bowl



Instantly clean and dry brushes- the gift that keeps on giving.

Cleans & Dries Brushes in Seconds

Removes double wear foundation
Works on all brush types
Vegan, alcohol free cleanser

The STYLPRO gift set not only comes with the ingenious STYLPRO device, but also two soft, high-volume makeup brushes and a 150ml bottle of vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser. The STYLPRO transforms the cleaning process into just seconds!

Simple 30 Second Process

Leaving brushes ready to use straight away!

Works On All Brush Sizes

Deep Cleans

What's Your Colour?


Keep Your Brushes Clean

Always make sure your favourite cosmetic brushes are clean with the StylPro Brush Cleaner! This brush cleaner solution is designed to cut through oil-based, non-soluble makeup to ensure your brushes are clean and ready to use.

Conditions Brushes With Trusted Ingredients

Our unique makeup cleanser for brushes conditions and nourishes each bristle on your beauty brushes, leaving them silky smooth, and protected. Featuring an exclusive formula of Wheat Germ, Grape Seed, and Argan Oils, our gentle, effective makeup brush cleaners will cut through stubborn makeup such as foundation, concealer or lipstick and leave brushes like new!

Easy To Use

Designed to be used with the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine, this nourishing makeup brush shampoo is fast and easy to use, leaving your brushes completely clean! Please do not mix with water.

Safe For Makeup Brushes

 This makeup brush cleaner features a safe, gentle formula that has been registered by the Vegan Society. Our makeup brush soap is alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, so it is always safe to use.


NEW sustainable bamboo range


STYLPRO’S Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads, are the solution to a waste-free beauty regime. STYLPRO’s Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are made of 100% naturally derived products and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and bamboo, so there is no need to worry.

Reduce, Reuse, Remove

STYLPRO’S Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads, are the solution to a waste-free beauty regime. STYLPRO’s Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are made of 100% naturally derived products and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and bamboo, so there is no need to worry.

Environmentally friendly

On average, it takes 500 years to biodegrade one wet wipe, contributing to 11 billion wipes in UK landfill every year. The STYLPRO Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads wipe away the need for single use wipes and cotton wool, for good.



Wash used pads up to 1,000 times! Unlike cotton wool pads and wipes, our reusable makeup pads are here for your sustainable future.

Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable, self-regenerating crop, meaning it does not need to be replanted after harvesting. It just keeps growing! There's no need for harmful pesticides or fertilizers; bamboo needs 1/3 less water than cotton and none of the chemicals.

Soft & Durable

Unlike many other reusable bamboo pads, the STYLPRO gorgeously plush pads are 3 ply making them extra soft and delicate on your skin.


Easy on the Eye Jelly Makeup Cleanser and Microfibre Cloth

Sustainable Cleansing

Wipe away the need for single use makeup wipes & cotton pads with our super soft reusable cleansing set

Vegan Certified

Our Jelly Cleanser is completely vegan and cruelty-free, for kind cleansing

Hydration Happy

Our cleanser melts away makeup and moisturises skin for glowing hydration


Our soft microfibre face cloth is reusable and washable, leaving no waste or makeup behind


Glow & Go Mirror

Dimmable LED Travel Mirror with 10x Magnification Attachment & Travel Pouch

The perfect companion for all beauty needs.
Dimmable for the best lighting, sleek and light for travel.
10x magnetic magnification mirror provides exceptional focus while leaving no streaks.
Includes protective travel pouch.

Beauty Fridge

Cools Skincare & Beauty Products
For Optimum Performance

Beauty Fridge

Cools up to 20 degrees C below room temperature, enabling product longevity and maximum efficacy.
Includes Low Temperature Protection to ensure products are stored at a stable temperature, above 2 degrees C




Proven results

Slide the white bar left and right to see STYLSMILE results before and after 28 days.

"I've noticed such a difference in the whiteness of my teeth! People have noticed how white my teeth are, especially my family. I would definitely recommend this kit."
- Kieran, 20

“Really happy with the results – my teeth were quite heavily stained, but I've definitely seen some good results, especially on the top section.”
- Paul, 45

"I found the whitening kit really easy and simple to use. I am 100% happy with the results!"
- Charlotte, 31


The Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Whitening Kit includes three methods to perfectly whiten teeth; Blue Light Sonic Toothbrush, Blue Light Accelerator Mouth Tray , and PAPTech based Whitening Gels, for a new meaning of deep clean.


The STYLSMILE Brush Kit uses Blue Light Technology in combination with PAPTech, to permeate through two layers of teeth, removing deeply entrenched stains and discolouration.


The STYLSMILE Boost Kit contains the final step for deep and thorough teeth whitening. Using Blue Light Technology for 15 minutes allows for PAPTech to reach past dental pulp and into the dentine layer, neutralising deeply entrenched stains. Using the LED Accelerator Tray and PAPTech Whitening Gels, the STYLSMILE Boost Kit delivers three levels of teeth whitening in minutes.


Technology from Inventor Tom

The Toothbrush

STYLSMILE Sonic Toothbrush uses 20,000/32,000 oscillations to remove stains on the enamel surface. Blue lights in the brush head activate PAPTech in the STYLSMILE Toothpaste, reaching below the enamel to neutralise stains and remineralise enamel.

The Toothpaste

Combining PAPTech and Fluoride, the STYLSMILE Toothpaste tackles surface stains, plaque and acid, to prevent teeth discolouration. The blue lights in the brush heads activate the PAP ingredient, to reach the dentine layer and neutralise deep stains.

The Boost Tray

Using Blue Light Technology for 15 minutes allows for PAPTech to reach past dental pulp and into the dentine layer, neutralising deeply entrenched stains.

The Syringes

The STYLSMILE Whitening Gels also contain PAPTech, to line the Accelerator Tray and provide the final step to deep whitening. After 15 minutes of blue light activation, the PAP molecules will reach the dentine layer and dissolve unnatural double bonds.





Peroxide-Free Formula With Fluoride


A revolutionary whitening ingredient, PAP targets the unnatural double-bonds which cause tooth discolourations to safely and effectively dissolve stains to whiten teeth.


STYLSMILE Whitening Toothpaste

STYLSMILE Whitening Toothpaste 2x pack

STYLSMILE PAPtech Whitening Gel Replacement Syringes

STYLSMILE Firm Replacement Head 4 pack

STYLSMILE Standard Replacement Head 4 pack



Quick & Easy At Home Gel Polish Removal

The STYLFILE Gel Polish remover clips make Gel, Shellac and nail art polish removal at home quick and easy to do

With 5 x fuss-free silicone clips for soaking, manicure sticks for teasing and almond cuticle oil for nourishing, this kit guarantees a fabulously safe and full gel polish removal.

The STYLFILE Gel Polish remover clips make Gel nail polish removal quick and easy in just 15 minutes


Professional Nail Care With Revolutionary Design

Achieve salon-quality nails instantly with the S-Curve Nail File from StylFile! This emery board features a unique design that follows your nails’ natural shape, providing a gorgeous finish even with your non-dominant hand.

Two-Sided Nail Filer

Our fingernail files have two different abrasive sides for a professional finish. With a 240-grit side and a 400-grit side always ready to go, you can use one side of this file to shape nails and the other side to smooth!

3-in-1 Nail Tool:

This exclusive nail shaper features a built-in cuticle pusher and under-nail skimmer so that you can enjoy a simple manicure at home in seconds! Your nails will always be sparkling and flawless with our durable nail filers.


The STYLFILE Nipper Clipper is the world’s first safety nail clipper for infants and babies.

Safety Spy Hole

Safety spy hole in STYLFILE Nipper Clipper allows the baby nail to be seen before cutting so nails can be cut safely and correctly.

Baby S-File:

 The STYLFILE BABY S-FILE, a curved nail file especially designed for tiny nails. The curved, long lasting baby emery board is specially designed to follow the natural shape of your baby’s nails, leaving them smooth and free from sharp edges after clipping.

‘Timmy Tickle’ Baby Distraction App:

This baby manicure set includes an additional ‘Timmy Tickle’ BABY DISTRACTION APP, designed to take baby's attention away whilst nail clipping. Timmy is a colourful animated octopus who engages children by pretending to be different fruit and characters. Parents can control the app with their voice, while they are clipping

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