It's Question Time - We're answering our most frequently asked questions.

It's Question Time - We're answering our most frequently asked questions.


We have amazing products and we get asked a lot of questions. Today we wanted to share with you our most frequently asked questions and of course the very important answers. Let us know in the comments below or via an email at if you have any further questions …


Who is Tom why do I recognise him?

Tom Pellereau is our CEO & Inventor ... best known for winning The BBC Apprentice and becoming Lord Sugar’s first business partner. See Tom on BBC Apprentice here. Since winning The Apprentice in front of a record 10.4 million viewers, Tom Pellereau ('Inventor Tom') and Lord Sugar have focused on 'Reinventing beauty accessories'.


What made Tom invent products for the beauty industry?

Tom first started thinking about beauty products whilst watching his sister file her nails thinking, 'nails are curved, yet files are straight!'

He noticed that using a flat file to create a smooth curve was difficult, especially with a non-dominant hand.  It took many late nights to develop the initial prototype and first design, created in Tom's kitchen, the Stylfile and Stylfile range was created.


What is the StylPro?

The StylPro makeup brush cleaner is a revolutionary device that uses centrifugal spin technology to clean and dry makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds. Your makeup brushes will be ready to reuse immediately, no more messy basins or waiting 24 hours for brushes to dry. 



How did Tom come up with the StylPro idea?

Tom has always had a desire to fix the small frustrations in life with his innovative thinking and simple approach to design. His interest in makeup brushes and their cleanliness was first sparked by a make-up artist whilst running a programme called Tom’s Testers. At the end of a session in Manchester, he asked the testers if there was anything he could invent that would make their lives easier, one immediately requested Tom created something that makes it fast and easy to clean makeup brushes.

Tom quickly discovered that washing makeup brushes is a messy and fiddly task that everyone loathes, this set Tom on a mission to develop the fastest and most efficient makeup brush cleaner. After carrying out a focus groups and one-to-one sessions with both professionals and consumers Tom found a lot of people were put off washing their brushes because they take so long to dry. At this point Tom knew that he had to invent something that not only cleaned brushes thoroughly, but dried them at lightning speed too and so the StylPro makeup brush cleaner was born!


Why do you have to clean makeup brushes?

It is recommended makeup brushes are cleaned once a week. Makeup brushes and their bristles are a breeding ground for bacteria such as streptococcus and E Coli. Clogged, unwashed brushes can wreak havoc on your skin and could be the reason behind your unwanted breakouts.

In one test, Tom persuaded 35 consumers, makeup artists and beauty counters to lend the brushes in their makeup kits so the bacteria on them could accurately be measured. Of the 35 brushes tested 58% were deemed unhygienic for use, 34% had dangerously high levels of bacteria and two had more bacteria than would be expected on a toilet brush!  One supposedly clean brush had been sitting on a makeup counter harbouring over 40,000 bacteria.  

Your makeup brushes are your daily tools and let’s face it, they can be quite expensive, if you look after them they can last you a very long time. Cleaning makeup brushes has never been so important. It doesn't have to be difficult, make your life easier with the StylPro and StylPro Cleanser.


Why is the StylPro better than traditional methods?

Traditional methods are messy, laborious and time consuming. No one wants to wait over 24 hours for brushes to completely dry, the revolutionary StylPro device uses centrifugal spin technology to clean and dry makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds. Complete with everything you need to clean and dry your brushes, the StylPro means it’s never been easier to clean your brushes.


Why is the Stylpro Expert different?

The StylPro Expert is a professional version of the StylPro original boasting an array of upgraded features including a new revolutionary multi-brush collar, 10 x quick release collars, a Tritan™ tipping bowl, an automated timer and dual speed on a different style StylPro device.


What is so special about the gift set?

The StylPro gift set is a perfect starter kit and is incredible value for money. The StylPro makeup brush cleaner gift set comes complete with two glossy black StylPro makeup brushes, a limited edition StylPro device in four different colours and a 150ml bottle of our incredible cleanser.

The StylPro original retails at £39.99, the two makeup brushes retail at £9.99 and the 150ml StylPro Cleanser retails at £8.99 that’s a saving of £8.98 with the gift set. The only question now is which colour you choose?

There are two additional colours exclusive to certain retailers;  Rose Gold at Boots and Rainbow at Argos. 


Why is the bowl plastic and not glass?

The StylPro bowl was made from glass when we first launched the StylPro however, as it was glass we experienced a lot of issues including breakages in delivery and safety issues if the bowl was accidently dropped whilst in use. The decision was to move StylPro from glass to Tritan™. This unique,  shatter proof material is unbreakable, when used with StylPro as instructed - even if you drop it!

Tritan™ is a durable, high quality material which is stain and odour resistant. The StylPro bowl is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe … it couldn’t be easier


How do I remove the neck of the bowl?

Simply pull the plastic neck out of the bowl. See this video for a demonstration. You may need to slightly twist the neck as you remove it from the bowl. 


Will the StylPro clean all of my brushes?

We have tested the StylPro with a huge range of brushes and most brush types will fit into the collars. There are 8 silicone collars which have been especially designed to hold any brush handle which is between 3/16 inch (4mm) and 1 ¼ inch (30mm) in diameter. At this time the StylPro cannot hold flat handle, oval or double ended brushes.


Will the Stylpro damage my brush?

The force exerted on the bristles when spinning is very low in comparison to the bending, squeezing and pulling action used when cleaning brushes by hand. As part of our testing we retested a range of brushes 500 times, to see how they were affected. The results show that there was little to no effect on the bristles. Please note when changing from wet to dry, bristles can be delicate. For natural bristles especially, please only spin dry for 3-5 seconds then stop. If any of the bristles do stick out, please use a damp cloth to mould them back into shape and leave them to air dry. 


What is in the StylPro Cleanser?

The StylPro Cleanser contains Isododecane; this is often used in mascara. The StylPro cleanser also contains Grape seed, wheatgerm and Argan oil. The StylPro cleanser is Paraben free, alcohol free, sulphate free and is registered by the Vegan society.


 Is the cleanser vegan?

Yes, the StylPro Cleanser is registered by the Vegan Society as a product suitable for Vegans as it does not involve or contain animal-derived ingredients and has not involved animal testing.


Is the cleanser antibacterial?

To find out exactly how much bacteria can be on brushes we tested 30 sample brushes. These bacteria tests found some brushes can have up to 30,000 counts of bacteria. We therefore conducted tests where we loaded this amount of bacteria onto brushes and used the StylPro and StylPro Cleanser to clean them, we then retested the bacteria count after cleaning. The Laboratory recorded bacteria levels were reduced to less than 100 count from 30,000, this is internationally recognised as being hygienic especially for use around the eyes. It would therefore be correct to state the device hygienically cleaned the brushes however, due to regulations, we cannot state the Cleanser is anti-bacterial.


Why do you not need to rinse brushes afterwards?

The main ingredient of the StylPro Cleanser is used in mascara, it can therefore be used on the skin. The spinning action of the StylPro removes virtually all traces of the cleanser from brushes. Our StylPro cleanser is also a conditioner, the unique formula is infused with nourishing Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils which will gently condition the brush leaving the bristles silky, smooth and protected.


Why do you not mix the cleanser with water?

The StylPro Cleanser includes Argan, wheatgerm and grapeseed oils; it is designed to breakdown the oils in oil-based makeup such as foundation, concealer and lipstick. If the cleanser is then diluted with water the cleanser formula will separate and sit on top of the added water meaning the formula cannot work it’s magic as it should.


Do I have to use the StylPro Cleanser?

You do not have to use our StylPro Cleanser however, we do recommend it especially for removing oil-based makeup like foundation and lipstick as it’s designed to break down the oils which are notoriously hard to breakdown. It is of course possible for you to use a cleanser of your choice or soap and water.


Where can I buy cleanser?

You can purchase our incredible Vegan society registered Cleanser here alternatively the StylPro Cleanser is sold at:  Argos, All beauty, Boots, Current BodyFeel Unique, Just my look, Look Fantastic and Missguided to name a few.


How much cleanser do I need to use?

We recommend using one capful 1/3 fl.oz. (10ml) of StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser to the StyPro bowl, this is enough to clean even the dirtiest of foundation brushes. Please ensure you get the entire brush into the cleanser during the 1st stage please however, be sure to make sure the ferrule does not get wet. For best results try tipping the bowl slightly on its side to create a slightly deeper pool of cleanser.


Do I have to change the solution with every brush?

If you are regularly cleaning your own brushes, you can clean up 3-4 brushes with the same 1/3 fl.oz. of cleanser. The cleanser will look very dirty however it is still very effective. If you are cleaning other people’s brushes, you must use fresh cleanser for every brush.


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